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17 Viewfield Road, Ayr,
 KA8 8HJ

Date the company established?

Number of employees?

What are the specialist skills of your workforce?
The production process is still very much an artisanal and hand-crafted one with every stage in the process being as important as the last. Once spun into yarn, the fibres are then woven, washed, brushed, hand-cut and meticulously finished before being given an inch-by-inch inspection by two craftsmen.

Where do you export your products?
Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Korea and Russia.

What is your best selling product?
Our Arran collection comprises a selection of plains, tartans and designs in our classic ripple finish which are longstanding favourites whilst our super lightweight wispy cashmere makes the perfect trans-seasonal scarf or travel accessory.

How important is it that your products are manufactured in Scotland?
Ayr’s reliable rainfall is an essential ingredient in several stages of the manufacturing process that make Begg’s products so soft. The finishing techniques that help elevate Begg’s scarves and throws from being very good to being exceptional use many gallons of the soft water that flows off the Ayrshire hills. This coupled with the renewed interested in heritage and genuine Scottish products make our location a pivotal part of our success.