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Highland Stoneware

Lochinver, Sutherland, IV27 4LP

Date the company established?

Number of employees?

What are the specialist skills of your workforce?
Highland Stoneware has built an international reputation for quality and innovation. From making our own clay to the finished pot, each piece is handmade by a dedicated team of craftspeople in Lochinver and Ullapool.

Highland Stoneware pots are made, using three processes: the Jigger and Jolley process, the Hand Throwing process and our unique Extruder process. Distinctive patterns are created by applying our unique palette of colour using a range of specialised techniques, primarily brushwork, but also sponging, wax resist, and sgraffito.

Where do you export your products?
Highland Stoneware is stocked all over the world from the Isle of Skye to Houston.

What is your best selling product?
Our ranges of table and cookware are our best selling items. We also make individual pieces for exhibitions or special commissions and regularly produce bespoke Tile Panels.

How important is it that your products are manufactured in Scotland?
Location is at the heart of all Highland Stoneware pottery. David Grant formed the company while studying at the Royal College of Art in London. He is still very actively involved with the Company, and decorates many of the current designs. In 1974 he set up to manufacture in the North West Highlands of Scotland, in order to make tableware with the quality of studio pottery, but also using semi-industrial techniques. This meant a return to the rugged landscape where he grew up, opening up opportunities for employment in a very fragile local economy.