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Leesburn Place, East Kilbride, G74 4LR

Date the company established?

Number of employees?

What are the specialist skills of your workforce?
Cheasapeake specialises in the production of high quality folding cartons for the alcoholic drinks and confectionery markets. This involves specialist skills in a range of printing technologies including lithographic and flexographic production and finishing techniques such as cut & crease equipment, gluing and foil blocking. Above all, the workforce has to ensure a high quality product that reflects the reputation of the leading brands it will be used to package.

Where do you export your products?
Although the majority of the packs we produce are supplied to local businesses in Scotland and the rest of the UK, the complete product, such as a fine malt whisky or Tunnock’s Teacakes, is exported to countries throughout the world.

What is your best selling product?
We produce over 1 million cartons a day at East Kilbride – many to package leading brands of Scotch whisky.

How important is it that your products are manufactured in Scotland?
We pride ourselves on delivering a ‘local’ service to our customers. Our close proximity is ideal for close collaboration on product development, convenience with press checks and reliability of delivery.